DANAK accreditation

DANAK accreditation:

DANAK is the national accreditation body in Denmark appointed by The Danish Safety Technology Authority, under the Ministry of Business and Growth Denmark. As the national accreditation body DANAK is responsible for accreditation of laboratories and companies.

DANAK, an abbreviation of the Danish Accreditation Fund, is established as an independent non-profit business fund.

DANAK is an active partner in the international cooperation on accreditation. The Danish accreditation is part of an international system. It ensures that accreditations granted in Denmark are recognized throughout the world.

The accreditation mark:

  • Is a guarantee to the customer that the company has the necessary competences and procedures to accomplish the task.
  • The company has a duty to use the DANAK accreditation mark on reports and certificates relating to the accredited services.

Accreditation is a control of the company:

Managemant processes

  • This includes routines and procedures of the company, the employees’ competence as well as impartiality in the company’s work.

Technical matters:

  • is equipment calibrated and suitable to the task? Are measuring results reliable and accurately recorded? Is there a good control of traceability of measuring instruments, tested materials and measuring results?

Accreditation for 4 years

During this period the company will be assessed by DANAKs team of assessors.