EE Healthcare through the years

EE Healthcare was founded in 2012 as a division of Electro Energy Ltd. This happened naturally following Electro Energy’s expanding projects including the establishment of a laboratory accredited by DANAK and many years’ experience within distributing technical measuring equipment to the energy industry.

Our journey as a supplier to the Danish healthcare system started with the delivery of tools to measure oxygen/CO2 to incubator manufacturers along with subsequent calibration and accredited service. After 4 years of positive and valuable experience within distribution of these products and services, EE Healthcare launched a project in 2014 together with one of the Danish regions. The project sought to streamline and deliver solid DANAK accredited calibrations to the region, whilst also contributing to significant savings within this field.

Acquisition of Pontifex

EE Healthcare’s product line expanded further 2018 with the acquisition of Pontifex Medical, which served as a natural next step in the development of EE Healthcare. Hereby EE Healthcare could now also deliver sterile surgical single use products and bipolar forceps for electrosurgery to Danish hospitals.

It is this development that has led to the EE Healthcare which today delivers both technical quality equipment alongside accredited calibration and service to the Danish healthcare system.

Further development and international partnerships

In 2021 EE Healthcare entered into new and exciting partnerships with two international manufacturers of technical equipment to the healthcare system – German Bowa Medical and British Brandon Medical. With these two new partnerships, EE Healthcare now has the opportunity to provide Danish hospitals access to reputable equipment of the best quality from the two international manufacturers.

With Bowa Medical as a part of our team we can now introduce a range of innovative and user-friendly tools and devices to electrosurgery on the Danish market. Bowa Medical fully understands how to combine the newest technology with an intuitive design, which they have proven for more than 40 years.

The partnership with Brandon Medical enables EE Healthcare to dive into the heavier technical segments by distributing complete solutions to operating theatres. Combined we have a complex understanding of a building’s construction when it comes to incorporating technical equipment in operating theatres and clinics.