About EE Healthcare

About us

EE Healthcare is a company with a strong customer-focus culture, it is much more than just a slogan we have introduced to our sales staff.

When you deal with EE Healthcare, the products might very well be single-use instruments, procedure kit or calibration services but the package you get contains more.

Our customer-focus service includes:

  • we answer the phone within 10 seconds (on average)
  • the phone is always answered by a person – no voice messages
  • day to day delivery
  • we make every effort to help you if you have technical questions

For more than 50 years EE Technologies has traded in technical spare parts, heating technology products and DANAK accredited calibration services for professionals.

It all started with oil burners in the 60s.Today it is an organization with several legs, although all have a common foundation, namely technical products for critical tasks. All our employees are focused on providing exactly the technical guidance and support our customers demand.

Our motto is accessibility, accessibility, accessibility

It is easy to get in touch with us, it is easy to do business with us and we are always available to provide guidance and technical assistance.

Our customer satisfaction surveys show that 97.8% would recommend us to their colleagues, and we are quite proud of that.

Pontifex Medical

Pr. On April 1st, 2018, EE Healthcare took over all activities from the company Pontifex Medical. We are proud to be able to offer current and new customers a complete range of high quality single use instruments, bipolar tweezers, weights with much more.

Questions? Please contact CEO Christian Gulløv +45 43441800