EE Healthcare and Brandon Medical to form innovative partnership on surgical equipment

Technical devices of the best quality and cutting-edge solutions for operating theatres are now going to be reality when EE Healthcare partners up with British manufacturer of equipment for operating theatres and intensive care units, Brandon Medical.

For more than 70 years Brandon Medical has developed and produced some of the leading technical solutions for operating theatres, critical care units and primary care institutions in Great Britain and the rest of the world. With an innovative focus on continuously developing and optimizing their acknowledged medical equipment, Brandon Medical is amongst the leading in their field of work. Therefore, EE Healthcare is now looking forward to forming a tight partnership with Brandon Medical to introduce their innovative and reliable products on the Danish market.

The partnership launches with a main focus on introducing Brandon Medical’s range of advanced operating theatre lights, medical pendants and examination lights. Brandon Medical’s high-tech operating theatre lights have a near perfect colour rendition across the full spectrum and a unique Red Balance Control which ensures a strong and vibrant visualisation of tissues. This alongside the powerful examination lights that combine excellent performance, multifunctionality and a precise colour rendition in a user-friendly design.

The partnership with Brandon Medical means that EE Healthcare is now stepping into the heavier technical segments as a distributor to the Danish healthcare system. EE Healthcare looks forward to in the long term being able to offer full solutions for operating theatres across Denmark. This will be possible, as the partnership provides EE Healthcare with a technical sparring partner within the development of hospital buildings. Brandon Medical brings along a solid background in engineering with many years of experience within construction technology. This, in combination with EE Healthcare’s technical background as a division under Electro Energy A/S, opens up to a whole new range of possibilities. Hereby, EE Healthcare is looking forward to the possibility of being able to provide the Danish healthcare system with everything from the delivery of a single device to full solutions for operating theatres. This with a continued wish to keep down the cost for the Danish healthcare system.

EE Healthcare to partner up with Bowa Medical offering equipment for electrosurgery

Danish EE Healthcare is now partnering with the German manufacturer of electrosurgical equipment, Bowa Medical. This happens, as EE Healthcare and Bowa Medical enter into a strong strategical cooperation offering innovative and user-friendly electrosurgical equipment of the highest quality on the Danish market.

All over the world operational teams are daily relying on Bowa Medical’s acknowledged and innovative electrosurgical products. Soon this will also be an option in the Danish healthcare system as EE Healthcare and Bowa Medical are now entering a close partnership. With the partnership, everything from the delivery of user-friendly generators and electrosurgical equipment, to training in correct use and following service check of the devices will be available on the Danish market.

With more than 40 years of experience Bowa Medical have established themselves as some of the leading technological manufacturers of electrosurgical equipment. Bowa Medical specialises in the development and production of innovative solutions for electrosurgery in close cooperation with some of the world’s leading universities, hospitals and institutes. Precision is mandatory in their work and thereby Bowa Medical has set the bar high for electrosurgical products.

Since the founding in 2010, EE Healthcare has provided Danish hospitals with technical equipment and accredited service. With the acquisition of Pontifex Medical in 2018 EE Healthcare expanded the range of products by now including single-use-instruments and electrosurgical forceps. Furthermore, EE Healthcare has cooperated with one of the Danish regions to streamline the process and offer DANAK accredited calibration whilst contributing to significant cost reductions in this field. Today EE Healthcare is focused on providing equipment and service of high standards to the Danish healthcare system. In continuation hereof, the partnership with Bowa Medical is a natural extension of current activities.

The partnership with Bowa Medical means that EE Healthcare now has an extremely strong technical partner on the team, who fully understands how to meet the needs of today’s user. Bowa Medical is excellent at combining well-known and well-tested technology with today’s demands of an intuitive and user-friendly design within the world of electrosurgery. This with an efficient, precise and innovative approach from start to finish. This is one of the many reasons why EE Healthcare is now looking forward to offering progressive generators like the ARC 400 alongside equipment for electrosurgery including dissection shears, resectors, ultrasound systems and smoke evacuation systems. Hereto comes professional training in correct use of the products and the offer to conduct the following service so that the products always live up to the highest standards and meet applicable legislation. This we do with a continuing focus on combining quality with a sustainable economy within the Danish healthcare system – benefitting all of us.